Our Company

Eye Candy Publishing specializes in large-format photography books and prints that are primarily sold and distributed globally via bookstores, hotels, galleries, and the website. The main goal is to establish strategic alliances with various private industries and governmental agencies that will serve as capital and social partners for the creation and distribution of these materials to showcase the subjects’ unique features to the world. Eye Candy Publishing, LLC is a Florida based Corporation. The company’s strategic partner, ORCA EIRL, was founded by Christopher Ladley, who works with a team of graphic designers, photographers, journalists, editors, sales reps, accountants, web designers, printing specialists, and marketing and distribution experts to produce the books and photos. ORCA has recently published its fourth edition of The Eyes of the Condor, a photography book that displays Chile’s geographical features with images taken by distinguished national and international photographers. The book and prints are showcased and marketed through a website, where it can be purchased directly: www.orcachile.com In other countries, Eye Candy Publishing may outsource the production of the project to other companies.

The Company’s mission is to become a globally recognized publishing house through the publication of a series of large-format, photojournalistic coffee-table books that highlight the natural beauty of countries and unique regions. These materials will be distributed globally, and specific limited-edition individual prints will be showcased in target specific galleries around the world.

Each book of the series features a native local bird, which is highlighted in the title: Through the Eyes of…. Eye Candy Publishing’s goal is to establish strategic alliances with the leading industry stakeholders of each country or region, and partner with a global or local foundation to generate funds in support of local social issues.

The company Eye Candy Publishing also started with the new project “Eye Candy Safari”, you can see this project on the website www.eyecandysafari.com

Eye Candy Safari is an international school of photography that teaches the art of image capture from different perspectives; the sky (drone or helicopter), ground (hiking, extreme sports), and water (snorkel, scuba, kayak, etc.). We journey through natural landscapes and observe the flora, fauna, archaeology and geology of the world.

Our instructors are top professionals with vast experience who will teach you the intricacies of photographing the natural world in daytime and at night and help you fine-tune your image processing and editing skills. Your photographs from a safari could be featured in future Eye Candy publications.