Our Company

Eye Candy Publishing (ECP), based in Florida, USA, specializes in large-format photojournalistic coffee-table books and prints that highlight the natural beauty of various countries and regions. Featuring stunning imagery, these products are sold online and in bookstores, hotels, and galleries worldwide. Each book in the series features a native local bird; for example, Chile, The Eyes of the Condor and Gstaad Through the Eyes of the Falcon.

We also produce a series of limited-edition prints that are displayed in prestigious galleries around the world.

ECP builds partnerships with businesses and government agencies in each region to showcase the area’s unique features to the world. We also work with global and local non-profits to generate funds in support of local social issues.

We have completed several successful projects in Chile (See book), as part of our regional business and our efforts to contribute to the growth of tourism in Latin America. Another photographic project took us to Panama, where we developed Panama Through the Eyes of the Harpy Eagle (See book). As with all of our projects, Panama is intended to promote tourism and depict the country’s natural beauty from aerial and sea perspectives. The Harpy Eagle, Panama’s national bird, serves as a unique lens to capture the country’s landscapes.

We will soon be launching a new publication, Gamboa Through the Eyes of the Sloth (See book). The book tells the story of the Pan American Conservation Association (APPC), a leader in the rescue of wildlife in Panama, focusing mostly on sloths. The APPC rescues and cares for sick, injured, and orphaned animals, as well as providing long-term care to animals in need. Through its educational programs, the APPC promotes environmental awareness and the importance of community engagement in protecting native fauna.

Eye Candy has founded Eye Candy Safari (www.eyecandysafari.com), an international school of photography that teaches the art of image capture from different perspectives; the sky (drone or helicopter), ground (hiking, extreme sports), and water (snorkel, scuba, kayak, etc.). We journey through natural landscapes to witness and preserve the flora, fauna, archaeology, and geology of the world. We have also launched the Eye Candy Club, a global membership club that provides access to the world’s most desirable photographic destinations (www.clubeyecandy.com).

We build alliances with hotels, airlines, national parks, and reserves, among others, with the aim of bringing our clients to your properties and using your services while on our photographic safaris.  Our clients bring their own equipment and are guided by our professional staff. Images and videos taken by our team and clients may be published in the coffee-table photography books we distribute globally.

Our images may also be used for marketing and advertisement. For example, if you would like to refresh your image portfolio, we can arrange an aerial session to photograph your premises, along with the flora and fauna of the area. We use images taken during our safaris to promote the country’s tourism sector through our books, placing them in advertisements in airports and metro stations across the country.