Foundations Initiatives

Eye Candy Publishing is a creative and proactive publishing house with a strong commitment to social responsibility and supporting efforts to find innovative solutions to the problems that affect society.

We have worked with foundations that research innovative treatments to fight the global epidemic of cancer. We are always looking for new causes to partner with. A portion of the proceeds from all book sales benefit these initiatives.


– Gamboa: Through the eyes of the sloth (See book). The book tells the story of the Pan American Conservation Association (APPC), a leader in the rescue of wildlife in Panama, focusing mostly on sloths. The APPC rescues and cares for sick, injured, and orphaned animals, as well as providing long-term care to animals in need. Through its educational programs, the APPC promotes environmental awareness and the importance of community engagement in protecting native fauna. When you buy this book, a portion of your fee goes directly to the APPC foundation.

– Panama: Through the eyes of the harpy Eagle (See book). As with all of our projects, Panama is intended to promote tourism and depict the country’s natural beauty from aerial and sea perspectives. The Harpy Eagle, Panama’s national bird, serves as a unique lens to capture the country’s landscapes. Harpy Eagles are listed as Critically Endangered in Central America. We want to help the foundation Nature and Science 507 in their mission an prevent the extinction of Harpy Eagle and other wild species. Also protected areas where the Harpy Eagle lives and national forests. When you buy a book, a portion of your fee goes directly to the foundation Nature and Science 507.

– Chile: The eyes of the condor (See book). Chile is a unique country. It´s a nation of countless geographical contrasts with long and narrow proportions. With a territory of 756.096 square kilometers, it emerges as the last corner of the earth. In order to appreciate an unconventional country such as Chile, we have chosen a different lens, one that observes the landscape’s overwhelming beauty from above, through the flight and eyes of the condor. This book help the foundation Chile Without Cancer foundation. A portion of the fund raised through the sales of “The Eyes of the Condor” will go to the foundation, which finances specialists and crucial resources for the country´s largest public cancer unit at Sotero Del Rio Hospital.

Our goal is to support conservation, contributing where we can to the preservation of the natural world we so love, as we travel and photograph it together.